Virtual Events

Virtual events are events that take place entirely in the digital environment, where speakers, attendees, exhibitors and sponsors, connect from any location and any device connected to the internet, simulating the experience of a physical event.

Thanks to virtual events, organizing companies can bring together thousands of attendees and participants to celebrate any type of event, a traditional.


It is based on a web portal exclusive for the event, which will feature a custom URL, you can interact through Chat rooms, surveys and registration forms.

Enables you to stream the event with a production similar to the tv, including credits, pip, curtains, and graphic design on your transmission.

In addition to our platforms are completely customizable according to the line graph of your event, thus maintaining the corporate image of your brand.


It is an interactive environment on the web, which is more akin to a real event.

Includes a virtual tour that takes you from the façade to the lobby, then to a tour of interest in the halls exhibition stands, interactive, and finally to the auditorium, where you will be able to enjoy any of the live event.

Its design is modern, interactive, fully responsive and 100% customizable and adaptable to the Look and Feel of your event or brand.


It is an interactive environment in augmented reality, with its design immersive will make your users feel in a convention center is real.

It was designed to be intuitive, fast and easy to use on all devices.

Your design adapts to the total control of the navigation of the users, and in this way to ensure the success of your event.

Similarly it is fully adaptable and configurable in relation to the graph that the event or the brand may require.

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